Office Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

In observance of the Solemnity of All Saints, the parish office, adoration, the Preschool and the Playroom will be closed November 1.


Staff & Ministry Directory

Ministry/Department Contact Phone #
Pastor Msgr. Hugh M. Marren 770-393-3255 x22
Parochial Vicar Rev. Dan Rogaczewski 770-393-3255 x12
Deacon Bill Garrett 404-680-9054
Deacon Ed Krise 404-641-3641
Deacon Rick Medina 678-687-8308
In Residence Msgr. James Fennessy
Business Manager Ed Konopka 770-393-3255 x39
Admn. Assistant Laura Leach 770-393-3255 x11
Bookkeeper Peg Diaz 770-393-3255 x38
Communications/PSR Asst. Mary Meehan 770-393-3255 x17
Receptionist Linnea Naylor 770-393-3255 x10
Receptionist Nancy Scholl 770-393-3255 x10
Communications Director Beth McTighe 770-393-3255 x36
Media Specialist Bennett Travers
Parish Life
Activities Director / Basketball Programs Danielle Miller 770-393-3255 x24
Afternoons at All Saints Carla Trippi  770-393-3255 ext. 29
Altar Care Nancy Cullen 404-805-7390
Addiction Ministry Lois Purrington 404-441-2558
Altar Servers Jim McKay 770-722-9880
John Nelson 404-486-8212
Athletic Board Bob Breitbeil 770-394-6899
Boy Scouts Willy Trent 770-653-9777
Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) Katy Warren 404-486-3644
Coffee & Donuts Matt & Beth Allen 404-664-8656
Divine Mercy Kitty Moots 770-734-9670
Diane Watson 770-309-4924
Elijah Cup Christine Case
Emmanuel Charismatic Prayer Group Larry Pighini  770-686-3273
Eucharistic Adoration Tracey Jennings 770-730-0073
Beth Reaves 770-350-0720
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Jeff Durthaler
Faith in Action Denise Traicoff 770-986-9358
Fitness Room Danielle Miller 770-393-3255 x24
Flower Ministry Anne Marie Pepitone 770-394-1680
Greeters  OPEN
Habitat for Humanity Mike Will 770-446-7674
Knights of Columbus Woody Jones 404-697-2548
Knitting Ministry Aria Moskowitz 404-873-8389
Lectors Ralph O’Connor 404-242-1234
Legion of Mary Cora Sevilla & Jean Einfeldt 770-363-0291
Men’s Club Dennis Caniglia 404-313-2706
Men’s Homeless Shelter Len Dorrien 770-396-4672
Ministry to the Homebound Mary Meehan 770-393-3255 x17
Mission Trip Kitty Moots 770-734-9670
Music Director Bernie Sotola 770-393-3255 x15
Kids Praise Choir Audene Sotola
Life Teen Ensemble Scott Earley 678-770-7829
Nursery Carla Trippi 770-551-8757
Parish Council Joli Murtha 404-388-2100
Parish School of Religion Dozie Bowen 770-393-3255 x19
Debbie Straker 770-393-3255 x21
Playroom Carla Trippi 770-393-3255 ext. 29
Prayer Community Stella Oakes 770-452-7306
Director, Preschool at All Saints Hope Long 770-393-3255 x23
Preschool Business Manager Lisa Foy 770-393-3255 x23
Pro-Life John & Arlene Gannon 770-394-4223
RCIA/RCIC Richard Ducote 404-966-0382
St Faustina’s Rosary Ministry Pat Camden 404-771-3796
St Vincent de Paul Volunteer Info Rod Austin
St Vincent de Paul Help Line 770-512-7476
Ushers Joseph Mitchell 770-986-4172
Wedding Ministry Nancy Hawthorne 770-396-6673
Welcome Committee OPEN
Widow & Widower Group Florence Kramer
Women’s Guild Mary Trantow 404-277-1207
Young Peoples Mass Message Center
Youth, XLT & Young Adult Ministries Jessica Duron 770-393-3255 x16
EDGE, LifeTeen and Confirmation Jesse Butrum 770-393-3255 x20
XLT Jessica Duron 770-393-3255 x16