The Homeless Men’s Shelter Needs You – Men’s Shelter Ministry – Cooks, Servers, Overnight Stay

MT 25:36 – “For I was hungry, and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink;…

Volunteers from All Saints have been staffing the Men’s Shelter at The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and Central Presbyterian Church for over 30 years. We prepare & serve meals, plus volunteers stay overnight at these two downtown Atlanta homeless shelters that house about 100 men.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered during our 2019-2020 Saturday nights. Be on the lookout next Fall 2020 for future dates – we would love to see you back. 

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We need

1)  Cooks – the Cook Leader will distribute recipes and instructions.  The cooks bring the food to All Saints Church in the back of the Gym by 5PM.  We have the recipes, we just need you!


2)  Servers – Individuals and families that will travel to the shelter and serve the food.  Arrive at All Saints Church in the back of the Gym by 5PM to rendezvous to the shelter by 6PM.  Dinner is served by 7PM with kitchen clean-up done by 8:30 PM and you are on your way home.  High school boys and girls can earn service hours.


3) Captain of Overnight stay – The Captain of the overnight stay will be responsible for purchasing lunch items (list provided) and picking up baked goods from Kroger.  The Captain will ensure attendance and make assignments at the shelter.


4)  Volunteers for Overnight Stay – men and young men (at least 16 years old) arrive at the All Saints Gym (kitchen) by 4:30PM to make sandwiches for lunches and rendezvous with the servers to travel to the shelter by 6PM.  Volunteers stay overnight (6PM – 6M) at the shelter – sleep on a mattress or bed in a separate room with separate bathroom from the shelter guests.  Bring a sleeping bag (or sheets), pillow, and toiletries. After lights out at 9PM, the volunteers will stagger the overnight shift staying awake in 2 or 3-hour shifts while the other volunteers sleep.  High school boys can earn service hours.

If you are willing to help, send your name, email and phone number to

God Bless You.