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PSR 2018-19 School Year

September 10/11, 2018 – April 22/23, 2019  |  Calendar
Grades Kindergarden – 5 grade and RCIC (Monday 4:45-6 p.m.)
Grades Kindergarden – 5 grade (Tuesday 5:00-6:15 p.m.)
Fee: $90/student or $135 for a family of 2 or more


Inclement weather sometimes causes cancellation of classes. Remember, if the DeKalb country schools are closed, we are closed as well.

One-Week Summer PSR; June 3-7, 8:45am-2pm. If you can help, please call Dozie at 770 393-3255, ext. 19. PSR One Week Registration 2019 Form

Vacation Bible School June 10-14, 9am–noon If you can help, please call Dozie at 770 393-3255, ext. 19. VBS 2019 Registration Form.

The following students have achieved Perfect Attendance for the first semester of PSR:

Samantha A

Leo A

Parker A

Maxx B

Nicholas B

William B

Eva Chin B

Joshua E

Julia E

Lucas G

James G

Elizabeth H

Mary Catherine H

Alexandra H

Thomas H

Ryan H

Justin K

Annabel L

Chase M

Amelia M

Juliet M

Caelyn M

Eliza N

Nolan P

Tate P

Celia P

Cecilia R

Elza R

Eliza R

Piedad R

Conrad S

Jason S

Joanna S

Hayden T

Zachary T

Emerson V

Holden V


Thank you to all of our wonderful catechists, especially those who keep coming back:



Ongoing PSR Service Projects – please support whichever appeals to you. Collection boxes are in the PSR hallway.

  • Soda Pull Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
  • New or gently used children’s books for the Grant Park Clinic