Please notify your ministry if you feel they may know these people.

Albert Rossi, husband of Elizabeth Rossi, father inlaw of Cynthia Dautrich (6-17-18)

Celia J. Porcelli, sister of Joyce Latham (6-14-18)

Karn Rutulante wife of Dan Rutulante and mother of Trey Rutulante (6-9-18)

            Funeral Saturday, June 23, 2:00pm 

Nancy Mahoney, sister of Sue Said

Barbara Youtt, wife of Bill Youtt founding members of All Saints (5-18-18)

The father of Madalena Soares

Joëll Pennachi brother of Jean-Noël Pennach

Helen Catherine O’Shea, family of Michael O’Shea (5-1-18)

Beatrice Evelyn Fiorenza family Evelyn Merritts (04-22-18)

Kevin Mason, son of Dave & Carole Mason (5-4-18)

Jim Heefner, husband of Connie Heefner (5-3-18)

Richard Thomas Szyperski, husband of Jan Szyperski (04-27-18)

Joseph Crowley, husband of Jeanne Crowley, founding members of All Saints (4-24-18)

Edward Richard Oscar, brother of Joyce Cross (04-13-18)

Rev. Daniel McCormick (4-19-18)

Margaret Mudge-Vaughn, sister of Paul T. Mudge (04-20-18)

Gil Santos, relative of Bob Santos (04-19-18)

Therese Anne Marie Couture daughter Marie Pike (4-13-18)

Marion Rother, mother of Rick Rother (4-13-18)

Yolanda Hampson (4-15-18)

Mary Ellen Lysak, (4-9-18), daughter of Mary Ann Lysak

Michael J. Houlihan, husband of Margaret Houlihan, & father of Collen Houlihan  (3-26-18)

Bill O’Brien, husband of Betty O’Brien (4-2-18)

Mark Waldrop, brother of Kitty Moots (3-4-18)

Fr. Charles Okeke (3-5-18)

Ann F. Fitzmaurice (2-25-18)

Don Myers, husband of Delores Myers deceased, founding members of All Saints (2-17-18)

Dr. George V. Yuscavage, MD (2-12-18)

Father Hao’s mother