Please notify your ministry if you feel they may know these people.

Violet Lewandowski, mother of Christina Lewandowski (9-23-19)

Funeral Friday, September 27, 2019; 10:30AM

John Nicol, relative of Mary Ellen Nicol (8-27-19)

Helene E. Tanguay, husband of George Tanguay (8-24-19)

Jennifer Keough Raj, wife of Mark Raj (8-18-2019)

Maria de Jesus Rivero Soriano, MD, mother of Patricia Soriano (7-23-19)

Araceli Rodriquez Bilbao (Canteli) (7-15-19)

Polly Dodd (7-4-19)

BJ VanGundy’s father (6-27-19)

Rita Kehoe

Sarah Pepitone, daughter in law of Ann Marie Pepitone

Jean Burke Ferdinands wife of Ian Fernandes (5-25-19)

Elsie Robinson Miralles  (5-25-19)

Patricia Garofalo, wife of Al Garofalo (5-21-19)

Catherine Frances Nicol, mother of John Nicol (5-7-19)

Martin “Tony” Miller, husband of Patricia Miller (4-13-19)

Maureen Munzner, sister of Ann Marie Cahill (3-11-19)

Fabiola Tirado Whisenhunt, mother of Livia Whisenhunt–Johnson (3-09-19)

Alexis Luella Hernandez, daughter of Liz Theis (3-2-19)

Gordon Harwood (03-04-19)