Please notify your ministry if you feel they may know these people.

Martin “Tony” Miller, husband of Patricia Miller (4-13-19) – Funeral April 29, 2019; 10:30AM

Maureen Munzner, sister of Ann Marie Cahill (3-11-19)

Fabiola Tirado Whisenhunt, mother of Livia Whisenhunt–Johnson (3-09-19)

Alexis Luella Hernandez, daughter of Liz Theis (3-2-19)

Gordon Harwood (03-04-19)

Patricia M. Markey (2-26-19)

Carol Van Sickle, wife of Andy Van Sickle, mother of Mary Lynn Lowery (2-17-19)

Rosa Maria Lopez mother of Evelyn Montgomery (2-13-19)

Joyce Jones mother of Michael Jones  (2-9-19)

Joseph O’Shaughnessy, father of Mary Ann Bernsteen (2-8-19)

Joannie Hassett Palmer  (1-26-19)

Robert  Lundsten, husband of Kathleen Lundsten (1-16-19)

Patty Ammons Cressady, wife of Rafik Cressady (1-20-19)

Thomas Lindenau, nephew of Wulf Lindenau (1-23-19)

Catherine Spencer, daughter of Ernie Spencer (1-3-19)

Kenneth Thelen, husband of Diane Thelen (12-8-18)

Ruth Del Guercio (12-13-18)

Maryann Iacobucci, wife of Jack Iacobucci (11-19-18) Former youth director at All Saints