• Phase I Underground Detention Pond Installation (Gym Parking Lot).
    • Water lines have been relocated and sewer line relocation should be completed by Tuesday, November 28.
    • We have received many deliveries of large pipes for the underground storm detention system, and they are being stored onsite. Installation of this underground piping system should commence around the first week of December.

Additional updates on construction commencement and ongoing progress will be posted here as soon as they are available! Please check back weekly.

Important Dates   

  • Tuesday, October 10 – Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Monday, November 6 – General contractor to commence utility work in the Lower Parking Lot by Gym.
    • Parking lot will be blocked off and closed during this time
    • Estimated to be completed before Christmas
  • Saturday, November 11 – water and sewer operations to the gym, preschool, and Scout Hut will be temporarily interrupted
  • Tuesday, November 28 – Sanitary Sewer Line relocation target completion date
  • Friday, December 1 – Monday, December 4 – Estimated installation of underground pipe system begins
  • Tuesday, January 2, 2024 – Phase II work near the rectory will start after the Holidays

The Plan

Project #1: Underground Detention Pond Installation

  • Goal:
    • Install underground detention ponds – one in the lower Gym parking lot (Phase I) and one near the rectory (Phase II) – to control stormwater runoff
    • Reduce our impact on the environment and our neighbors’ land
    • Mitigating future impact of water damage to our land and buildings
    • Bring us into compliance with local regulations

Project #2: Church Roof

  • Goal:
    • Conduct additional inspections to determine if church roof requires replacement or repair
    • Ensure no future leak damage and repair existing damage to the Adoration Chapel.