Opportunities to Learn and Grow in the Catholic Faith

Men's Bible Study

Are you looking to deepen your Catholic faith during this Lenten season? Come join the All Saints Men’s Bible Study every other Sunday in the Scout Hut from 8:30am until 10am. Coffee and light refreshments will be available. We will continue with our discussion of the Sunday Bible readings and how to answer the call to evangelization in our daily lives. All men of the parish are invited to join.

For questions and information, contact Matt Allan at mallan@hwtowers.com.

The Rescue Project - Fall 2024

An experience of the gospel surrounded by food, conversation and prayer. The Rescue Project – led by Fr. Michael and Sem. Sean Lee – will consist of a meal, a video, and compelling discussion about the gospel over seven weeks in a small group format. These weekly Wednesday sessions are open to anyone and everyone.

For more information on dates and signing up, click here.


RCIAThe Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Interested In Becoming A Catholic?

Are you someone or do you know someone who…

  • Has expressed an interest in becoming Catholic?
  • Was baptized Catholic as a child, but has not celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist?
  • Is on a journey to learn more about Jesus?
  • Is interested in exploring their spirituality?
  • Wants to serve others?

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) sessions, which help to prepare you for the sacraments that will bring you into full communion with the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, begin Sunday, September 13. Classes will be held in the Bride’s Room (located in the lower level of the social hall) from 8:45-10:15am each Sunday.

If you or anyone you know is interested in exploring any of the questions above, please contact Richard Ducoté, via call or text (404) 966-0382 or via email rcia@allsaintsdunwoody.org.

Welcome Retreat Weekend at All Saints - Fall 2024

The Welcome Retreat, formerly Christ Renews His Parish, is a weekend retreat right here at All Saints. Welcome is for adult parishioners looking to renew their faith, gain a spiritual boost and make lasting friendships with other members of the parish. The two-day, one-night retreat is carefully planned and includes all meals. Don’t miss this opportunity to take time to reflect on Holy Scripture and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Watch parish communications for updates or the Welcome Retreat web page.

Honor His invitation, and He will give you rest. You will find the joy hidden in you.”  – Fr. Anthony

Special Small Group Studies & Special Events
To help parishioners learn more about the Catholic faith, All Saints periodically offers small groups studies for Lenten or Advent, or for other special events. Watch the eNews, website and bulletin for announcements. Some of these events are:

  • Talks by our priests, deacons and other religious speakers
  • Rosary Events – Patriotic Rosary is the first Thursday each month at 1PM in the Columbarium.
  • A 20-week Catholic Scripture Study on The Gospel of John and a six-week DVD-based program from Bishop Robert Barron: Eucharist: Sacred Meal, Sacrifice and Real Presence.

More Opportunities

College Newman Centers

Congratulations to all the high school graduates of 2019! If you are going to college, stay connected to your Catholic faith by finding a Newman Center near you.

What are Newman Centers?

Newman Centers are residence and Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities throughout the world. These centers provide pastoral services and ministries to their Catholic communities, in particular to the Roman Catholic student population within universities throughout the world. College can be both a daunting and exciting time in your life. Your campus ministry wants to be there for all the ups and the downs and be your home away from home. Discover the blessings that come with joining a Catholic ministry at your college. Newman Connection is here to help – find your Newman Center or Catholic campus ministry at newmanconnection.com.

Why do you need to find a Newman Center?

  1. It can be your home away from home – Get an instant support system when you join campus ministry. Student leaders are usually upperclassmen and have more experience in college, and in general, they can help you out when you need advice or be a listening ear when you need one.
  2. Meet interesting people – Campus ministry is full of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who make you feel safe, loved and important. Learn about each other’s differences and bond over your love for Christ.
  3. Find opportunities to serve and give back – Campus ministry tends to do a lot of service work on campus and off campus. If you enjoy serving others, you will probably love campus ministry.
  4. Make good friends for life – Campus ministry provides numerous ways to have fun with great people. Surround yourself with people who help you grow in your faith.
  5. Discover your path – College is the time to choose your career, figure out your vocation, and make other life decisions. For these important steps, campus ministry leadership can help.
Formed.org - Catholic Content
Formed.org - Catholic Content on Demand All Saints Catholic Church has a parish subscription so you can access for free Catholic faith formation content. Find programs, watch movies & documentaries, read books for adults and children, and listen to audio, all centered around our Catholic faith. Featured content is added often.

Formed.org has a new and improved site. What has changed?

No more passwords!  If you were previously signed up for the service, once you visit the site you will receive an email to verify your email address. Click on the sign in link and it will automatically sign you in. Watch these videos for more help with sign-in.


Why did FORMED change?
In short, because our users asked us to change.

We have been hard at work these past few months listening to you, your parishioners, and all of our customers and we are excited to announce the new and improved FORMED.

In response to what you asked for, the original FORMED that you know and love now has improved performance, an enhanced search tool, new features, and new ways for our users to watch our programming, listen to audio or read e-books on their connected TVs and devices.

Watching great Catholic content at your parish just got a whole lot easier. In addition to browser, iOS, Android and TVOS, we now offer Roku, Amazon Fire and many more avenues for you and your parishioners to engage with our content.

Offline playback, My List creation and the ability to resume watching where you left off are all features requested by our users that are now on the platform.

Additionally, an improved search function will help you better discover the content you are looking for, making it easier to find our movies, programs, e-books and audio.

Lastly, our newly designed user interface, mirroring some of the best-of-breed On-Demand solutions in the market, will make navigating the experience even more enjoyable.

Will my user email and password still work?

Passwords are difficult and insecure. Which is why many technology companies are moving toward passwordless authentication, relying on the security of technology giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon. In short, passwords are being phased out online. We debated doing this ourselves, and in doing our research, we found that the number one reason for the majority of our support calls was lost passwords. Additionally we wanted to provide the most secure solution to our users. The decision became clear. We too would move away from passwords. Going forward, your emails will still work. You will just be authenticated through your email, rather than directly on the site. Once logged in, you will not need to re-register.  Going forward, as long as you don’t log out or clear your cookies, you will remain logged in.

How do new parishioners register for an account?

Registering for FORMED is easier than ever:

  1. Go to formed.org/signup
  2. Select your parish
  3. Register with your name and email address
  4. Check that email account for a link to begin using FORMED

We’ve created a series of videos to guide your parishioners through logging in, signing up, and using the platform. Watch them here.

Has any of the content changed or gone away?
All of FORMED’s incredible content remains available, with a newly designed user interface that makes navigating the experience even more enjoyable.

How can I find the content I’m looking for?

Our improved search function will help you discover the content you are looking for, making it easier to find our programs, movies, e-books, and audio. Just click “SEARCH” at the top of the page and type in the content you’re looking for.
Where did the Study, Watch, Listen, and Read links go?
We have transitioned to a more intuitive user interface. All content appears on the BROWSE page so everything is in one place. For users who liked the Study, Watch, Listen, and Read buttons, the options of PROGRAMS, MOVIES, AUDIO, and BOOKS still appear at the top of page.
On what devices is the FORMED app now available?
Users have been asking for FORMED to be available on more devices and we’re excited to launch a host of new options! In addition to your web browser, iOS, Android and TVOS, we now offer Roku, Amazon Fire, Tizen and AndroidTV.
Does the FORMED work on my smart TV?
Yes! You can connect to FORMED from your TV by using one of the devices listed above, or if they’re pre-built into your TV, such as Roku, you’re all set!
Does FORMED have offline playback?
Yes! No internet? No problem! We’re excited to now offer offline playback to all FORMED users at no additional charge. Simply download the FORMED app on your portable device, find the content you want to watch offline, and download it to your device. Then watch it anywhere without Internet.
Can I save/bookmark all the content I’m interested in watching for later?
Yes! Now you can create a “My List” of all the great content you’re interested in and go back to it when you’re ready to watch. Once an item is added to your My List, it appears at the top of your main browse page.
Will there still be a FORMED Daily Reflections email?
Yes, FORMED Daily emails will continue without interruption. You can direct your parishioners to sign up at formed.org/daily

This is great, but is my FORMED subscription going to cost more now?

The best part about all these new improvements to FORMED is that they’re available to you at no additional cost!

In the past, the FORMED site has occasionally had technical issues, will this be addressed?

Priority number one with this upgrade has been to address past technical issues and ensure that FORMED is fully functional at all times. The original FORMED that you know and love now has improved performance, with a simplified sign in, faster load times, and an upgraded video player!
More Catholic Content

Ascension Press

Podcasts  |  Videos  |  Articles

Catholic Radio Stations
List of Georgia Catholic Radio Stations Approved by the Archdiocese of Atlanta

1160 AM The QuestAM 1160 the Quest is a new non-commercial AM/Online radio station that expands access to Catholic radio programming throughout Metro Atlanta.  The Quest is a large, 50,000-Watt AM station capable of reaching 3.1 million Metro Atlanta commuters in peak drive time hours, as well as an Internet radio station that has 24/7/365 reach.  Programming is rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and engages listeners through diverse program formats that include prayer, reflection and interactive talk shows and podcasts.

They need our support. thequestatlanta.com

WNRE-LP 98.1 FM Ablaze Radio Duluth, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
WMKP-LP 98.9 FM Totus Tuus Catholic Radio, Inc. Gainesville, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
WXPB-LP 107.1 FM The Xchange Athens, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
WSEF-LP 99.5 FM St. Joseph’s Catholic Radio(FM only) Dalton, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
Online Nuestra Fe Lilburn, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
WCFO 1160 AM AM 1160 The Quest Atlanta, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
Online Radio Kerigma Atlanta, GA Archdiocese of Atlanta
WTOA-LP 101.3 FM WTOA Albany, GA Diocese of Savannah
WABR 91.1 FM Saint Paul Catholic Radio Augusta, GA Diocese of Savannah