Parents with children interested in becoming an altar server should contact Jim McKay at and John Nelson at for information and to schedule training. All individuals who have completed their First Holy Communion and are of good faith are welcome and encouraged to become an Altar Server.

In 2013, the Altar server program underwent significant change. There are three reasons for the changes. They are:

(1) to provide altar servers at all weekend masses and to standardize the number of servers at each mass, (2) to provide adequate training so that servers are successful in their role, and (3) to develop future catholic leaders. The purpose for this communication is to inform you of the most visible changes.

Altar Server Council: Beginning in June of 2013, a council was formed to govern the Altar Server program. The council consists of co-leaders Jim McKay and John Nelson, a Chaplain (Deacon Ed Krise), a Scheduling and Communications Coordinator (Tiffany Chapman), a Vestry Coordinator (Brandi Kler), a Training Coordinator (Deacon Rick Medina), a Mass Coach Coordinator (Nina Weilde), and a Social Events Coordinator (Dawne Cueller).

New servers application form: Individuals interested in becoming an altar server are required to complete an application to enroll into the program. Applications are accepted between April 1 and May 31, annually (and occasionally based on church needs).

Service levels: In the past, altar servers were promoted based on service using military ranks. Now, altar servers are assigned to 1 of 5 Service levels: Apprentice, Novice, Skilled, Master, and Guardian. The ranking is based on age, grade, and competency.

Orientation, training, and assessment process: A new Altar Server Training Manual has been developed and is now available on line. New servers are required to complete this manual as well as a parent guided self-study module, and hands on training session prior to serving.

Annual promotion opportunities and Commissioning Mass: Servers will be considered for promotion each year. Promotions will be granted during a Commissioning Mass – held annually in November.

Server recognition activities: Servers will be recognized in a number of ways throughout the year, (e.g. Photos will be placed in the vestibule quarterly; names will be announced at the beginning of mass, various social activities).

Scheduling process using Sign-up Genius: Servers will be assigned to teams of 3 and scheduled (on a rotating basis) to serve at all (non-holiday) weekend masses. A maximum of 6 servers will be permitted to serve at any given mass. Additional servers will sit in the first pew to the left of the altar.

Vestry: Apprentice servers will only wear black cassock (no white surplice) until they are promoted to Novice. Novice Servers, Skilled servers will wear a black sash, Master Servers will wear a red sash, and Guardian Servers will wear a gold sash.

Mass Movements and Procedures: The bells will be rung one time during the epiclesis’ (when the priest placed his hands over the Eucharist and Chalice) to indicate that the transfiguration is about to take place. The bells will continue to be rung three times when the host and chalice are raised.

Mass coach: Each weekend Mass is assigned an Altar Server team, each team also has an assigned Mass Coach. This individual is there to assist the server prepare the altar before Mass, monitor movements during mass, provide feedback after mass, and assist with after mass duties.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Jim McKay and/or John Nelson.

Children who have made their First Communion are welcome to join the Altar Server Ministry. We do provide training on an annual basis. Please see the Altar Server Training Manual link below for information on training and altar server scheduling.

Altar Server Council
• Co-Leader – Jim McKay

• Co-Leader – John Nelson

• Chaplain – Deacon Ed Krise

• Training/Liturgical Advisor – Deacon Rick Medina

• Communications/Scheduling – Mrs. Tiffany Chapman

• Vestry – Mrs. Brandi Kler

• Mass Coaches – Mrs. Nina Weilde

• Social Events Coordinators – Mrs. Dawne Cueller


New Server Application

New Parent Information Session 2017

New Parent Orientation

Altar Server Training Manual

Novice Server Self-Study

Skilled Server Self-Study

Master Server Self-Study

Guardian Server Self-Study

Mass Coach Self-Study