Upcoming Bingo & Dinner Nights

  • June 27, 2019
  • July 25th, 2019

This event is held by Citizens for Dunwoody on the 4th night of each month, except when moved for holidays. Bingo starts at 7:30pm and doors will open at 6:30 as usual.

Our regulars know that it’s been some time since we have served Sausage, Peppers, and Onions sandwiches at bingo. The absence, along with the numerous patron requests, is probably going to be the driving force for us to serve this favorite again. Not a guarantee but probably a good bet that this is what you’ll see at our next Dinner and Bingo.

This food choice, made by “Nonna” Mary, is just one of her many delicious selections, and maybe a favorite of all her choices. She will also continue serving all the other typical amenities that we provide as well. This includes the desserts (cakes, pies, and cookies), plus an assortment of snacks and popcorn too.

DINNER is served prior to the start of Bingo, but food is always available throughout most of the evening. Dinner service usually starts around 6:30 PM for this popular All Saints Parishioner’s Social Event.

Besides playing BINGO, at every event we provide 3 FREE raffles tickets for our BINGO patrons. The free raffles, along with all the other amenities provided, was an add-on to our Bingo events, some time ago by your Bingo Committee. This gesture, along with the other perks provided, was in appreciation of your continued support to help us raise money for KofC charities.

Between certain bingo games, we select someone from the audience to pull out the winning number from our “give-away” raffle ticket bucket. Local merchants have been kind enough to donate various types of gift cards in support of our BINGO efforts for charity. These raffles usually include gift cards from many fine restaurants in our area, which value anywhere from $25 up to $52. Of course, the $52 gift cards always comes from the Season’s 52 restaurant, located close to the Perimeter Mall. We have also received donated gift cards from some national companies as well. The Perimeter Marriott Hotel, Club Corp, and The Whole Foods Market, are just a few of these companies who have joined our charitable efforts, providing even much larger contributions.

What can you expect when you come to play bingo at one of our events? Besides the 90 chances to win large sums of money playing bingo, and a chance to win 1/2 of the 50/50 split the pot drawing (all totaled over $1000) you will find a fun filled monthly Social Event, not just for our All Saints Parishioners, but for the entire Dunwoody Community as well. You will usually find a packed house of people enjoying an inexpensive evening out, all having fun playing BINGO. And, what we think is our biggest attraction, that keeps people coming back to play BINGO, is all the delicious HOMEMADE Italian dishes we provide.

We have had numerous compliments from people who have tasted Italian food all over the country, and especially in New York City, who have told us that our Italian food selections were some of the best Italian food they have ever tasted ! We also serve a wide assortments of desserts which are all complimentary as well.

We do supply a donation jar that is not mandatory. However, we do appreciate your donations which helps to keep our costs down, and more importantly, allows us to put more money into our charitable coffers.

When the doors open at 6:30 PM, your front table bingo staff, will be there to welcome you to our event. They are also there to provide you with all the BINGO material needed to play bingo. At the end of table, at the last two stations, this is where you can purchase optional 50/50 split the pot tickets. There you will also be given your free gift card raffle ticket, which is good for all 3 free raffles (unless you happen to win).

If you haven’t already secured your seats for bingo, this is what you’ll need to do next. Then head to our kitchen counter, stand in line for Italian food probably better tasting than anything you might have experienced in the past ! Beer and wine is also served and is still only $2 each.

All money raised, whether it’s from bingo, food and drink donations, or our 50/50, split the pot cash amount will go to our charities.

If we switch out any gift card selection they will be replaced with another card that will be of equal (or higher) value.

The price for bingo is still only $15 per player. With this you will get nine cards per game and we play 10 games. Again, that’s 90 chances to win! And, of course, you’ll be given that free raffle ticket for all 3 of our giveaway raffles. And, our 50/50 split the pot raffle, which is held at the end of the evening between games 9 and ten has been paying around $200 to the winner.

If you are planning to attend please note that seating is restricted to the first 175 players, so come early. We do ask that you refrain from showing up before the doors open at 6:30 PM. We make this request to allow your Committee to complete their equipment set up which is also for your safety.

As KofC members, our goal is to raise as much money possible for our charities. So, every dollar over our bingo expenditures, goes to our KofC charitable goals. We certainly do appreciate your attendance and your support.

Come out and join us for an evening of fun, experience all the delicious food, and be a part of our charity fundraisers.
Again, Social Hall doors open at 6:30pm and bingo starts at 7:30.

We look forward to seeing all our parishioner’s at this fun, filled event!
Thank you.
Your Bingo Committee