Chairperson: Pat Camden, 770-729-0829

This ministry was formed January 2011 to fulfill many needs of the parish. Each year the ministries listed below have a need for many rosaries as well as a need to get our youth involved in the parish community of service. This ministry will serve both needs. This ministry will promote the recitation of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet as it brings together parishioners of all ages to hand make rosaries for the needs of our various parish organizations. Mothers and fathers with young children will particularly benefit from being involved as it will assist them in teaching the rosary at home and provide an opportunity for service as a family in making rosaries together. While learning the benefits of reciting the Rosary or the Chaplet on the rosary beads we will also fulfill the rosary needs of other ministries in our parish community, see below.

Parish Mission Trip to Jamaica
Divine Mercy Sunday
Adoration Chapel
First Communion Candidates
RCIA Candidates
Knights of Columbus New Members
Welcome Baskets for the Church
PSR Classes Learning the Rosary and the Chaplet

Membership: Currently as with the women’s guild where all women are automatically a member, all middle school students and high school students are invited to be a member and participate at any meeting. We encourage young adults 21-35 years of age to also participate but all parishioners are welcome and encouraged to join this ministry to help make a rosary or teach the recitation of the rosary and the chaplet. Founding members are 7 in total and growing.

Meetings: At All Saints, First Tuesday of each Month, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

How you can help/volunteer opportunities:
1) We welcome financial contributions to the ministry for the purchase of supplies needed such as beads, string, tools, crosses, etc. which we use to make the rosaries.
2) Please spread the word and help gather more members to pray the rosary together and make rosaries at home as a family. Many of our members send one member from the family to the meeting where the members obtain supplies, learn a new way to make a rosary and turn in the rosaries their family have made together. It is a great family activity that can be done while the family meal is being prepared are baking and also great to do while the family comes together for conversation. It is also a wonderful way for all of the family to pray together. Make a rosary together and then say the rosary together. If every family of (4) did this once a month every family would at least say the rosary together once a month and would offer (4) rosaries made to the ministry to give to another family in need of a rosary.

1) Pray the Chaplet/First 15 minutes
2) Make rosaries while listening to music, talking, etc.
3) As Tool boxes are available with the necessary beads, twine, etc. Members can bring home the supplies and make the rosaries at home involving other family members
4) Sell rosaries at Eucharistic Congress once a year for profit to purchase supplies for the year.

Our Blessed Mother & Her son’s rosary prayers as taught to us by Mary and Jesus are being said together as a community of young Catholic men and woman for the needs of the world when a rosary is recited.

As taught by Jesus to St. Faustina, whenever a Chaplet is recited you have assisted Jesus and St. Faustina in the salvation of all souls.

Rosaries are made for our parish needs and those of others that will receive the rosaries through other ministries which will help spread the Blessed Mother’s and St. Faustina’s devotion as given by Jesus for the sake of His Passion.