Common Questions:

What if my teen cannot make the 75% attendance?

If your teen needs to make up classes for attendance, XLT Atlanta events count as a Make up for the EDGE Nights or Life Nights missed. If you still need to make up nights or if XLT does not fit into your schedule, there are events such as Summer Camp or Search Retreat that can count as 2 days of attendance make up.

My teen attends Catholic School. Does he/she need to attend the Sunday night Youth Group for Confirmation?

Since your teen attends Catholic School, he/she does not need to attend the Sunday Life Nights because they fulfill their Confirmation Catechesis requirement from the School. However, your teen is always welcome to come to our Life Nights

My teen attends Catholic School. Does he/she need to attend the Confirmation Retreat?

Yes. All Teens need to attend one of the Confirmation Retreats because this is the formation aspect of their prep which most teens do not get in the classroom setting.

My teen cannot make the Confirmation Retreat due to a school sport or event. Can he/she still be confirmed or make up the retreat?

There are two retreats each year, a Spring and a Fall retreat. This gives teens the option for a retreat so that sports and school events and the Confirmation Retreat do not conflict with each other.

My teen is 9th grade. Does he/she need to find a sponsor now?

While your teen does not need to find a sponsor until the beginning of the fall of their 10th-grade year, if your teen may begin looking for a sponsor as early as the 9th grade. The idea of the sponsor is that the sponsor is there to guide his/her teen throughout their faith journey to Confirmation, so the earlier the sponsor is there to help the teen along their teen’s faith journey, the better.

My teen attends Catholic School and has Service Requirements from school. Does he/she need to fulfill the Service Requirements for the Confirmation Program?

Yes. Your teen needs to fulfill the service requirements for the Confirmation Program. We do not work in hours but on the number of service projects. There are only two a year. The service project could last 20 minutes or over the course of a couple of days. Hours do not matter. The idea behind this is that the projects are sponsored by an All Saints Church Ministry and that the teens get immersed in Church life.