Everyday Self-Defense offers a complete tactical system designed for personal and family protection, distinct from traditional martial arts. Its structure revolves around real-life situations and scenarios, emphasizing heightened awareness, effective decision-making, comprehensive physical techniques, and the essential skills of de-escalation and negotiation as core principles.

The system encompasses various situational environments, including crowded spaces, open areas, confined quarters, aisleways, parking lots, workplaces, elevators, stairwells, car interiors, wooded regions, and more.

A comprehensive array of physical engagement scenarios is encompassed within the system, including unarmed encounters, ground-based engagements, the use of various lengths of sticks and knives, contemporary tactical personal defense equipment, techniques for disarming handguns, tools for launching projectiles, flexible implements, improvised protective measures, and considerations for compatibility with different types of defensive equipment.

This class welcomes participants of all genders. It is designed to accommodate individuals of any age or physical condition, adapting accordingly to each person’s needs and abilities.

Class Schedule

Saturday mornings usually twice a month from 10:00am to 11:30am in Kiernan Hall.

  • Open to everyone high school age and older.
  • Liability Waiver is required to be signed at first class (under 18 will need parental permission).
  • Attire is comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.
  • Every week the situations and scenarios are different. Any class is a good time to begin.

Class Fee

Class is $10.00 per class. No contracts.

**There is a discounted rate for multiple immediate family members.

Class Teacher

Scott Earley is a 15th degree black belt in “Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu” with the title Dai Shihan (meaning Great Master Teacher). He has been formally studying martial arts and tactical fighting for 40+ years. If interested in attending classes, please contact Scott Earley at slaearley@gmail.com.