Confirmation at All Saints

We congratulate all the teens who made confirmation on Saturday, November 23, and their families!

Chase “Michael” Anderson
Joshua Michael “Maximilian” Bartholomai
Daniel  “Mathew” Carrasquilla
Emily Caroline “Helen” Casey
Anthony Hayden “Anthony” Cerbone
Gavin John “Lawrence” Clark
Madeleine Marie “Rose” Cohen
Kate Rachel “Lucy” Courtney
Antonio Frank “Michael” Cueller
Katelyn N. “Bernadette” Devereaux
Sofia “Clare” Di Benedetto
Antonina Marie “Maria” Dolt
Katherine Grace “Katharine” Donovan
Samantha Douglas “Francis” Goforth
Jack Davis “Francis” Ilse
Samuel Carnes “Peter” James
Madeline Anna “Mary” Janowski
John Charles “Francis” Kapp
Talmadge Alexander “James” Lenertz
Andrew Wilson “Andrew” Mannelly
Samantha Amber “Cecilia” McCarthy
Catherine Mary “Rose” McGeehan
Patrick Riley “Peter” McHugh
Matthew James “Michael” McKay
Ryan John “Philip” McTighe
Eric Thomas “Gerard” Mied
Matthew Richard “George” Miller
Lindsey Rose “Anne” Nelson
Jackson McKiernan “Francis” Post
Marissa Danielle “Elizabeth” Prusak
Steel Canyon “Leo” Rawls
Katherine Caroline “Gianna” Reaves
Dominic Cruz “Dominic” Rogers
Michael Joseph “Michael” Simons
Joseph Alexander “George” Trent
Elizabeth Lindsey “Elizabeth” Valenti
Sofia “Monica” Vassallo
Mason Farrington “Veronica” Victory
Gianna Nicole “Veronica” Villacci
Boxley Jack “Peter Claver” Wichman
Calvin “Thomas” Wichman
Mary Cameron Brooke “Bernadette” Willis

Thank you to the Women’s Guild, Life Teen Band and St. Faustina Rosary Ministry for their help with Confirmation this year.


2019 Confirmation Date – November 23 at 10am

Confirmation Prep at All Saints begins in the 8th Grade and continues into the 9th Grade. The teens will then be Confirmed in the Fall of their 10th Grade year. The Program is now integrated into the youth programs. This means that class credit will be earned by attending the youth group.

Unlike popular belief, youth group is not only about bowling and eating pizza. It is Christo-centric (Christ centered) and has a heavy emphasis on interactive catechesis. EDGE Night and Life Nights combine formation and knowledge, thereby making it the best “classroom” environment for our confirmation students.

Confirmation Things To Do

The dates below correspond to the different deadlines that must be reached during the year a candidate is to be confirmed:

  • August 5th – Registering for Confirmation
  • August 15th – Letter of Intent
  • October 15th – All Paperwork Due

Students not enrolled in Catholic school need to attend one session of Battle Plan June 11-14, 6pm to 9pm, or July 8-11, 9am-12pm.


  • Register – Each candidate must register for the Confirmation program and submit all sacramental record information. Make sure you are a registered parishioner at a Catholic parish.If you are registered at a parish other than All Saints, Submit a Letter of Consent.

Catholic School Teens

  • 6 Service Activities (see Volunteer Opportunities)
  • Saint Project
  • Confirmation Sponsor
  • Retreat
  • Letter of Intent
  • Rehearsal
  • Mass

Non-Catholic School Teens

  • 6 Service Activities (see Volunteer Opportunities)
  • Saint Project
  • Retreat
  • Attend Life Teen Program: attend 75% of Life Nights throughout 9th and 10th-grade years.
  • Battle Plan: A Confirmation Crash Course
  • Letter of Intent
  • Rehearsal
  • Mass

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Common Questions:

“What if my teen cannot make the 75% attendance?”
If your teen needs to make up classes for attendance, XLT Atlanta events count as a Make up for the EDGE Nights or Life Nights missed. If you still need to make up nights or if XLT does not fit into your schedule, there are events such as Summer Camp or Search Retreat that can count as for 2 days of attendance make up.

“My teen attends Catholic School. Does he/she need to attend the Sunday night Youth Group for Confirmation?”
Since your teen attends Catholic School, he/she does not need to attend the Sunday EDGE or Life Nights because they fulfill their Confirmation Catechesis requirement from the School.

“My teen attends Catholic School. Does he/she need to attend the Confirmation Retreat?”
Yes. All Teens need to attend one of the Confirmation Retreats because this is the formation aspect of their prep which most teens do not get in the classroom setting.

“My teen cannot make the Confirmation Retreat due to a school sport or event. Can he/she still be confirmed or make up the retreat?”
There are two retreat each year, a Spring and a Fall retreat. This gives teens the option for retreat so that sports and school events and the Confirmation Retreat do not conflict with each other.

“My teen is 8th (or 9th) grade. Does he/she need to find a sponsor now?”
While your teen does not need to find a sponsor until the beginning of the fall of their 10th grade year, if your teen may begin looking for a sponsor as early at the 8th grade. The idea of the sponsor is that the sponsor is there to guide his/her teen throughout their faith journey to Confirmation, so the earlier the sponsor is there to help the teen along their teens faith journey, the better.

“My teen attends Catholic School and has Service Requirements from school. Does he/she need to fulfill the Service Requirements for the Confirmation Program?”
Yes. Your teen needs to fulfill the service requirements for the Confirmation Program. We do not work in hours but in number of service projects. There are only two a year. The service project could last 20 minutes or over the course of a couple days. Hours do not matter. The idea behind this is that the projects are sponsored by a All Saints Church Ministry and that the teens get immersed in Church life. This also supports Monsignor Marren’s goal for family and Church Community.