All Saints appreciates donations through checking and savings accounts as fees are not charged. 

Your financial support is used for the yearly parish operational expenses as well as education, spiritual programs, charitable outreach programs, and Archdiocesan support. There are a number of ways to make your gift.

Online Giving

Our church offers electronic giving, which allows you to make donations on a scheduled, automatic basis, even when you travel. If you are writing checks and preparing envelopes every week, you will especially appreciate electronic giving. It is convenient for you and provides much-needed donation consistency for our church. Our payment processor, Vanco Payments Solutions, meets or exceeds all industry standards to safeguard your data.

All Saints appreciates donations through checking and savings accounts to avoid fees. If using a credit or debit card for recurring gifts, please remember the church receives the donation less the card convenience fee, also update the card’s expiration date when needed.

Online Banking

One-time or recurring gifts can be set up through your financial institution’s website to be mailed directly to All Saints Catholic Church, 2443 Mt. Vernon Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338. Please include your parishioner envelope number in memo line.

Mobile Giving

Click here on your mobile device. If you already have a profile, log in and select a gift amount and frequency. Or, donate as a guest. Creating a profile allows you to log onto the donation page from a desktop or mobile device at any time and view your history.


Registered members receive a monthly package of envelopes, which can be placed with donation in offertory baskets or brought to the parish office.

Stewardship Envelopes

It is not too late to turn in your Stewardship envelope. Just place them in the primary offertory basket, or bring them to the church office. Blank envelopes are available in the church narthex and at the parish office.

Youth Enrichment Envelopes

Support our youth programs through use of these yellow envelopes located in the pews and included in the monthly envelopes mailed to you.

Capital Campaign Envelopes

This will be a regular monthly envelope and is intended for those who have made a pledge and are making payments toward that pledge. In addition, those who have not made a pledge are also welcome to use the envelope to contribute to the capital campaign. If you would like to make a pledge, please contact Ed Konopka at

Parish Verification Forms 

These are requested for Catholic school applications, to be a godparent, or confirmation sponsor. All Saints needs at least six months of history to be able to confirm an active parishioner. Make sure you have completed your parish registration and are making a sincere effort to contribute to the church offertory.

Registered parishioners receive monthly envelope packets. Please put your envelope in the collection basket each week so we know you are attending Mass. If you give online or use your bank’s online bill pay, we encourage you to put your empty envelopes into the basket.

Active Catholic

  • Celebrating the Sunday Liturgy with us on a regular basis.
  • Making a sincere effort to participate in some of our parish ministries.
  • Making an effort to tithe (5% to parish & 1 % to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal)
  • Parish envelopes are provided for your convenience. Your use of them verifies your presence at the Sunday Liturgies & your financial support.
  • All envelopes are recorded & provide the pastor with the founded hope that you are an active member of the church.
  • Catholic Schools: We get many applications for Catholic Schools from people who state they are active members of All Saints. The pastor is asked to honestly respond in writing to each of these requests as the response impacts the schools decision. Only persons who are active members by the above criteria receive a positive response.
  • Sacraments outside of our parish: If you decide to have your sacrament performed outside of your parish, your pastor is required to honestly state in writing that you are an active registered member. Your active membership enables us to write such a letter.
  • Persons asked to be sponsors must meet these standards