What is Life Teen?

The Life Teen program at All Saints will engage your teen in Catholic Doctrine and Social Issues. Teens will have the opportunity to experience a spirituality that will focus on several different areas, prompted by the Holy Spirit: Eucharistic Center Faith, Love, Joy, Affirmation, Authenticity, Evangelization, and Primary Vocation (path to Sainthood). Our hope is that every Life Night is not only fun, but that teens are challenged to go deeper in their relationship with God and to know about their Catholic faith.

When are Life Nights?

Life Nights are held on Sundays at 6:15pm, after the 5pm teen Mass. Teens will meet in the Social Hall for dinner beginning at 6:15pm. The night will conclude at 8:15pm. Pickup for teens will be at the Social Hall at 8:15pm. Please check the calendar for all the dates and activities for all Life Nights.

What is LUX?

Lux is an engaging new program, geared toward our high school students. Each LUX night will focus on different topics of our faith, spanning anywhere from the life of a particular saint to acts of service for those in our community. The format is constantly changing, but one thing remains true through it all; LUX is designed with the teens in mind, with the desire to allow them each to take the next step in their faith.


Jesse Butrum

Life Teen / EDGE / Confirmation Coordinator

770-393-3255 ext. 120



Jessica Duron

Youth Director / Executive Producer of XLT Atlanta™

770-393-3255 ext. 116



For more information on EDGE (middle school), Life Teen (high school) and Confirmation, please visit CatholicCopilot.com.