Life Teen Retreat


Our retreat “Search” revolves around finding answers to the questions that mankind has been searching for since the dawn of time. Will I find love? How can I be happy? What is the purpose of life? Who am I? Etc… The retreat will be held Nov. 12-14, at Camp Hidden Lake. To get your teen … Continued

Youth Ministry Volunteers Needed

Our Youth Ministry is looking to recruit “CORE Members.” What is a CORE Member you ask? It’s a parent or adult who is interested in and dedicated to helping the teens in our Youth Group grow closer to Christ. You don’t have to have kids to be a CORE Member! CORE Members come to events, … Continued

Prayer Warriors Needed


We are currently looking for prayer warriors for our Youth Group. The goal of the prayer team is simple… we just ask you to pray for our Youth Group! You will receive an email at least once a month asking you to pray for our teens in a special way. Visit this link if you … Continued