Open Play is not available until further notice due to Covid-19.

Open Play Rules

1.    Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. They are not to be left alone in the gym or on All Saints’ property without a guardian or coach.

2.    The gym office is for employees only.  No one is allowed to trespass, remove equipment, use computer, or loiter in the gym office for any reason.

3.    Anyone demonstrating reckless play or behavior including, but not limited to, excessive fouling, cursing, fighting, kicking balls, throwing balls, destroying property, and any behavior that may prove harmful to All Saints Catholic Church, its staff, or other players, will be asked to leave the All Saints’ property immediately

4.    All open gym users, regardless of age, must sign in before using the gym.

5.    This is not a child care facility. Open play is meant for people to come play basketball for no more than two hours. Anyone left after hours will be charged a $25 fee per every 10 minutes after hours. Parents who repeatedly leave children longer than 2 hours will be asked not to bring their children to Open Play and will not be allowed to register for any All Saints basketball leagues.

6.    Gym schedule may be changed at any time without prior notice.

7.    The gym may be closed during times when the center is open, but usage is low. If the gym lights are off, the gym is closed, and participants are not permitted to enter.

8.    All open gym basketball games are mini-court. No full full-court games allowed

9.    During gym reservations, open play participants are not allowed on court.

10.    Any activity that takes place in the gym that is performed by a citizen in exchange for making money is considered commercial activity and must have the space rented beforehand. Any business or moneymaking venture taking place in our facilities will not be tolerated unless the space is rented in advance.