2021-22 School Year 

NOW OPEN – Registration for Fall Semester – Sessions begin on September 20, 2021

The enrichment activities we will be offering are: 
Stay & Play, Playball®, Creative Movement and Dance®, Kids Yoga, Outside the Lines with Miss Julie, and Ninja Kids.

Stay and Play is a wonderful opportunity for children to stay after school and partake in enrichment classes or just play with their friends. The hours of Stay and Play are from 12:30 to 1:15pm. Your child will be escorted from their room to the activity of your choice. You will then pick your child up from the gymnasium foyer or scout hut, depending upon the program, at 1:15 pm. Children must be potty trained to participate.

The price for Stay and Play is $8 in advance and $12 for drop in. Stay and Play payments for the entire semester will be made via the eTuition online payment system.  You will be redirected to our eTuition site after submitting the “2021-22 Fall Semester Stay and Play Registration Form” (link to online form below).  All drop in payments must be cash or check only (link to drop in form below).  Should you decide to sign up for Playball®, Creative Movement and Dance®, Outside the Lines with Miss Julie, or Ninja Kids, tuition will be due to the vendors for those activities in addition to the daily Stay and Play fee due to the preschool.  Vendor tuition payment instructions are provided in each vendor’s registration form.

2021-22 Fall Stay and Play Registration Form – Fill out this form to participate in ANY of the programs offered (both vendor-led and regular Stay and Play) for the entire semester.  Then, fill out the vendor’s registration form of your choice if applicable as well.

2021-22 Fall Stay and Play – Daily Drop-in Form – If your child is not participating on a regular basis for the entire semester, and you just want them to “drop in” for regular Stay and Play on a particular day, please fill this form out.


Vendor Program Registration Information 

Creative Movement and Dance® is offered on Thursdays (Tap-Ballet)
Playball® is offered on Mondays
Kids Yoga is offered on Tuesdays.
Ninja Kids is offered on Wednesdays.
Outside the Lines is offered on Wednesdays.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact pasoffice@allsaintsdunwoody.org.