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The Welcome Women’s Retreat

Saturday and Sunday, January 25 and 26 , 2020, at All Saints Catholic Church

Do you want to experience Gratitude, Peace, Freedom, and a Special Awareness?

There is More to Life; this you’ll discover
At a weekend retreat; a way to recover
From all the noise and distractions of daily living
You’ll find friendship, fellowship and thanksgiving.

You’ll learn, laugh and share
And spend time in prayer
You’ll enjoy awesome meals
No cooking; for real!
You’ll learn to let go of strife
And see there really is More to Life!

This is your time. Time to get to know other parishioners and to grow as a community. Time to examine, rediscover and renew your relationship with God. Time for relaxation, prayer and reflection.

Want to learn more?

Contact: Beth Keith 770-833-1244 or mkeith20@bellsouth.net, Cindy Garcia 626-665-9536 or cindy.j.garcia@gmail.com or Jennifer Sheran jenniferwatsonsheran@gmail.com (404) 374-0593


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